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4 Benefits of Professional Window Cleanings and how it Can Save You Big!

Autumn is here, and that means it’s more important than any other season for you to perform preventative maintenance on your home. In our last entry, we gave you four great tips for autumn home maintenance, and that really got us thinking. Windows are far too important to leave out, so we decided to highlight [...]

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4 Easy Autumn Home Care Tips

Summer is in the rearview mirror and autumn is right around the corner. There’s no use wasting time complaining about the end of good weather and the beginning of cooler temperatures; it’s time to get to work on the house! The changing temperatures, falling debris, and precipitation make autumn one of the toughest seasons on [...]

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Do I Need to Have My Gutters Cleaned?—Yes! Here’s Why

Do I Need to Have My Gutters Cleaned?—Yes! Here’s Why Home maintenance can feel like a chore (literally), but there’s a reason why that “to-do” list is so long: it’s important. Regular TLC for all parts of your house is vital to preventing costly repairs. Maintenance can even prevent side effects that are harmful to [...]

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3 Common Gutter Problems (And How to Spot Them!)

As a homeowner, the health of your house is always on your mind. When it comes to gutters, though, they probably don’t cross your mind until there’s something wrong with them. Your home’s gutter system is responsible for channeling water away from the foundation and protecting your roof and walls from rot. It goes without [...]

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How to Avoid Fires, Reduce Your Bills, and Preserve Your Appliances: Clean Your Dryer Vents!

As the summer begins to heat up, we thought it was time to look at one of the most important summertime home cleaning services: dryer vent cleaning. Did you know that dryer vent malfunction due to clogs and installation issues is a leading cause of fires in the home? Whether via clogs from lint and [...]

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Soft Wash vs. Power Wash: Which is Better for Your Home?

Are you a homeowner who would like to get rid of stubborn and unsightly stains on your roof, siding, or patio, but doesn’t want to damage your home with a powerful stream of water? A softwash from Diamond Clean is the answer. But what is it? And how is it different than a traditional power [...]

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Get a Summer Curb Appeal Makeover from Diamond Clean

Studies show that people make snap judgments based on appearances. In fact, it takes just three seconds for a person to look at you and come to a conclusion. Ever wonder why curb appeal—how eye-catching your home looks from the road—increases sales prices so drastically? It’s because home buyers look at houses the same way. [...]

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The Ultimate Summer Roof Care Checklist

Summer is the perfect time to tend to your home’s exterior. Homeowners across Vancouver are planting new trees, tending their gardens, and cleaning their siding in preparation for the months ahead. One important part of the home that often gets overlooked is the roof. Not only is it important for your home’s overall health and [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Long-Lasting Gutters

Aside from being the least appealing task on your weekend chore list, the gutters rarely cross a homeowner’s mind. The problem is that they’re a lot more important than you might think. Not only are gutters a hefty investment, they play a big role in the health of your home. Without water drainage, you’d leave [...]

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How Can I Tell if I Should Get My Rooftop Cleaned?

We’ve all gazed up while driving up to our homes and taken a look at our rooftops. We’ve filed the dingy, moss-covered shingles and the black-molded siding to the back of our minds, because really, who cares? As long as we’re protected from the elements and comfortable within our closed confines, our rooftop is doing [...]

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