Winter is coming. When you think of Vancouver in wintertime, you probably don’t picture the frozen wasteland that is most of the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold here. What most homeowners forget is that their home takes a heavier beating from the weather than we do.

The colder months are without a doubt the toughest time for your home’s exterior, so taking the time to give it some extra TLC in preparation for the coming season will pay back major dividends. If you don’t, you could end up with some big bills come spring.

Here is what you need to do to prepare your home’s exterior for winter.

Roof Softwash

When the weather gets really cold, it makes it easier for dirt, moss, mildew, and mold to build up and remain on your roof. If the weather is damp and rainy, like it often is in Metro Vancouver, mold and mildew flourish. These two roof killers can lead to serious damage, and at the very least will be an eyesore from the road. It they fester all winter, it’ll be seriously tough to get off in the spring. A softwash with our proprietary cleaning solution will gently get rid of all of the threats to your roof’s wellbeing, and get it ready for the weather to come.

Window Washing

Did you know that dirty windows affect your heating bills? It’s true. The sun’s rays reflect off of smudges and dirt on the glass, making it harder for the warming rays of the sun to seep into your house. Some estimates show that up to 20% of daylight can be kept out of the home. In winter, when every bit of light and heat counts, you don’t want dirty windows causing any issues. Our window cleaners will make sure to shine them up nice (and not leave any streaks!).

Perform an Inspection on Your Furnace

Winterizing your home requires a thorough inspection of your heating system. Emergency house calls to fix the furnace are not something you want to deal with on a cold January night. A few things you should do are:

  • Turn it on and make sure it’s blowing warm air first. If it isn’t, contact a professional immediately.
  • Change the filter
  • Top off the fuel
  • Get your heating vents cleaned by pros so clean air can flow freely

Insulate Exposed PIpes

Temps can drop close to freezing on a regular basis in Vancouver in the dead of winter, and sometimes they even go over the line for an extended time. Make sure you insulate exposed pipes so they don’t freeze up. If you’re going to leave the house for a while, leave a trickle of water running in the basement to keep them warm while you’re gone.

Winter is coming, and if you don’t winterize your house, you’re going to be in for a rough season. Now is the perfect time to have professional exterior cleaners and other handy people come out to your home and get it ready for the months to come. Paying a little bit now is way better than paying a lot later.