Have you ever wondered about the purpose of gutters? Although they are aesthetically pleasing by creating a crisp outline for your roof, gutters are also extremely important to the overall wellbeing of your home. Gutters direct rainwater away from the foundation of your home. This prevents floods and damage to the structural elements of your home.

By taking proper care of your gutters, you ensure that they are doing their job effectively. Courtesy of the experts at Diamond Clean, here are the top ways to care for your gutters:

Inspect Your Gutters

Approximately once every three months, you should check your gutters for any blockages or damage. This also includes inspecting the downspout. A downspout is the pipe that connects your gutters to the ground. Sometimes dirt and other debris can clog either one of these and result in stagnant water. Consider checking your gutters more often in the rainy season or if you live in an area with a lot of trees. By regularly inspecting your gutters, you catch any issues on time and avoid the costly effects of erosion and foundation issues.

Remove Debris

Experts recommend cleaning your gutters twice per year. In doing so, you prevent future issues from arising and make the cleaning process much easier than if it isn’t done on a regular basis. If you are prone to forgetting home-related tasks, one way to remember is by pairing more than one task together. This could involve cleaning your gutters when your fridge filter needs to be replaced or when your windows need to be cleaned, for example.

When cleaning your gutters, the first step is to use a scoop and remove any debris that is lodged in and placing it in a bucket. You should then use a hose to wash the gutters in combination with a sponge or cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Consider adding a small amount of bleach to reduce the amount of algae growth if your gutters are prone to becoming green. Remember to practice ladder safety when cleaning your gutters. This means making sure there is someone to hold the ladder and always using it on a flat and secure surface. Don’t bend or make any excessive movements to prevent the ladder tipping.

How Can I Make the Gutter Cleaning Process Easier?

Cleaning your gutters is something that needs to be done, regardless of the type of gutter you have. That being said, there are a few variations that make the process easier. One of the ways to do this is by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards are a flat surface with small holes that lay on top of the gutter. The holes are small enough that water can seep through, but prevents leaves and other debris from piling up. You will still need to remove the debris on top of the gutter guards, but the process is much simpler and won’t require you to scoop.

Another way to make the gutter cleaning process easier is by hiring a professional gutter cleaning company. They know all of the best tricks to giving your gutters an optimal clean. Because this is their field of expertise, they are also able to identify any gutter issues and make repairs accordingly. Just make sure to do your homework and choose and experienced company with high-quality standards.
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