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Pressure  & Power Washing Services

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Professional Pressure Washing Services

  • We’ll edge your driveway, walkway, patio, sidewalk and anything else.
  • Let Diamond Clean improve the look of your home.
  • Improve your home’s drainage included in our service.
  • We do power washing in Surrey, Burnaby and the rest of the GVA.

When power washing, we take advantage of our high powered machines and use surgical precision to do lawn edging, this is sometimes performed with manual hand tools. We prefer power tools. We will edge your driveway, walkway, patio, sidewalk or what have you to increase the visual appeal of your property and aid in drainage. We offer the most comprehensive power washing service in LangleySurrey, and Delta.

Diamond Clean Leaves Your Property Pristine

We will take the necessary extra steps to ensure a proper wash down of everything to ensure that we don’t leave dirt, grit, or residue on anything. We will always leave your home in showroom condition. The envy of all of your neighbours in Vancouver with our power washing services.

Drain clean-out. Part of your drain system is your driveway clean out traps. We will be happy to scoop out your traps to aid in proper drainage, and prevent costly damage from flooding.

Before and After Photos to Show You the Difference

In Surrey, our pressure washing technicians will be happy to take before and after pictures of your hard to see places. So we can show you exactly what we saw from up above. Just ask and we will include some pictures along with our on the spot e-invoicing and mobile credit card acceptance.

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Will pressure washing protect my home from future dirt and grime?2024-01-23T23:07:35+00:00

While pressure washing provides a clean slate, it does not prevent future buildup and regular maintenance (once a year) is recommended.


How long does a typical pressure washing service take?2024-01-23T23:07:10+00:00

How long it will take to pressure wash your home depends on the job size. Contact us for a detailed quote and breakdown of our pressure washing services.  

Can I pressure wash my house, or should I hire a professional?2024-01-23T23:06:41+00:00

Yes, you can, but hiring a professional is a more convenient and safer option. Pressure washing areas on your property can increase the risk of getting water in hard-to-reach places where mold and mildew can grow. Professionals also have state-of-the-art equipment and are specially trained to be efficient while keeping your home’s siding and materials safe. 

Is pressure washing environmentally friendly?2024-01-23T23:06:04+00:00

Yes! Because pressure washing tools are very efficient, our pressure washers use less water, don’t require harmful chemicals, and increase your health and safety by removing toxic substances outside your home. 

Do I need to prepare my home before a pressure washing service?2024-01-23T23:05:40+00:00

When having your house professionally pressure washed, we recommend; moving outdoor furniture, closing windows, and covering plants to protect them from water.

What surfaces can be safely pressure washed?2024-01-23T23:05:19+00:00

Pressure-washing wood, Aluminum, and fibre cement is safe. 

Can pressure washing damage my home’s exterior?2024-01-23T23:04:14+00:00

The short answer is, you should never pressure wash your home. Depending on the type of siding of your home has, pressure washing can cause water to build up below a home’s siding, causing the growth of mold and mildew. Additionally, the pressure can puncture the material of your wall such as vinyl, stripping the vinyl and making it weak. A soft wash is recommended over pressure washing.

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    At Diamond Clean we believe every client deserves prompt, courteous and a highly satisfactory experience from the beginning to end of contact. In most cases we provide an accurate quote on the same day.

    We ask the right questions so we can find out exactly what our client needs are. We then explain in detail how we can help! In many cases we can provide a quote right over the phone. If the job is complex, and requires an onsite visit. We generally can do so with in 24hrs.

    So if you are a home owner, property manager, strata complex, or commercial business, give us a call and we’d be glad to answer any questions or discuss any details.


    “Just wanted to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with your work. The only way to make these windows any more transparent is to remove them.”

    -JJ, Surrey

    “I recommend Diamond Clean to anyone, they cleaned our townhouse windows. I’ve never seen anybody more dedicated to their work. Thanks guys.”


    “I liked the way they vacuumed the gutters, they did a very tidy job and didn’t leave a mess. I have had bad experiences with previous cleaners leaving a big mess in my yard and leaving it for me to clean up. I will certainly use Diamond Clean again and would highly recommend them.”


    “I was so impressed by Mike’s professionalism and courtesy. He is very meticulous with his work. Not only did he do a great job on my windows, he went above and beyond and repaired my soffet.”


    “…their friendly service and thorough workmanship went beyond my expectations…”


    “We are a four-unit strata in Southeast Vancouver that hired Diamond Clean this spring to hand clean all units’ siding. They called when traffic (from Surrey) was backed up and arrived within 15 minutes of when they said they would. All owners were really happy with the job they did. Finding anyone who hand cleans siding is a huge research project… that fact they even do it says a lot about their expertise (Shell Busey insists that hand washing — as opposed to pressure washing – is the only right way). Most companies I contacted or reviewed did not hand wash siding and tried to convince me that power washing was okay. These guys get siding. I’ve don’t have much else to add… they were professional, friendly, efficient, responsive, and cost effective. Overall a great experience and we’ll be using them again in future, which I think says it all.”