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Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Surrey, Langley and The Lower Mainland

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Trust Diamond Clean to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean All Year Long

  • Keep your dryer, home and family safe by preventing potential fires.
  • A clean dryer vent is more efficient, saving you money on your energy bill.
  • Cleaning your dryer improves your air quality.
  • Give your dryer the best possible service by trusting in Diamond Clean.

Diamond Clean is the premiere dryer vent cleaner in Surrey. With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, you can trust our professionals will provide only quality work that’s on-time and on-budget – and that’s our guarantee.

We’re focused on our customers. We earn your business by checking our work, respecting your home, and maintaining a professional attitude at all times.

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How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Typically, every home should have their dryer vents cleaned once a year. However, depending on your unique circumstances your dryer might require cleaning more often.

Signs Your Laundry Vent Needs to Be Serviced

  1. It’s No Longer Working at 100%

One of the first signs your laundry vent needs to be serviced is that it’s just no longer running efficiently. If you notice that your clothes aren’t coming out completely dry, your vent might be clogged. And when there’s nowhere for the moisture to go, your clothes won’t dry as fast. This also leads to wear and tear.

  1. It Smells Like Something Is Burning

If you smell something burning, shut off your dryer immediately. Remove the clothes from the dryer and don’t let anyone else use it until you get it inspected.

  1. Your Dryer System Is Hot

If your clothes are too hot to touch when you take them out of the dryer, your dryer is probably having issues exhausting its hot air, which can damage the blower and heating element. The same can be said if the machine itself is hotter than normal.

  1. Lint Is Coming Out of the Vent

The only place that should be collecting lint is the lint catcher. So, when you see lint coming out of the dryer vent, it means you have serious build up, which is a dangerous fire hazard. In order to completely remove the lint trapped in the vent, you need special tools.

  1. You Haven’t Serviced it in a Year

Just as you need to take your car in for regular service and maintenance, you should also be scheduling regular dryer maintenance. If you live in the Surrey area, we recommend calling Diamond Clean every year for a thorough dryer vent cleaning.

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What sets a professional dryer vent cleaning service apart from DIY methods?2024-01-26T23:41:03+00:00

DIY dryer vent cleaning is considered unsafe and can cost you more money in the long run and increase the fire risk. We always recommend a professional as we have the proper tools and knowledge to ensure a thorough job so you can have peace of mind.

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?2024-01-26T23:40:43+00:00

It is recommended you clean your dryer vents at least once a year. 

Why is dryer vent cleaning important for my home?2024-01-26T23:40:20+00:00

Regularly cleaning your dryer vent is essential for preventing fires and increasing energy efficiency. Other benefits can include better quality air from the removal of dust, which in turn lessen allergy symptoms.

Diamond Clean’s dryer cleaning service helps prevent dryer fires and keeps your family safe.

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“Just wanted to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with your work. The only way to make these windows any more transparent is to remove them.”

-JJ, Surrey

“I recommend Diamond Clean to anyone, they cleaned our townhouse windows. I’ve never seen anybody more dedicated to their work. Thanks guys.”


“I liked the way they vacuumed the gutters, they did a very tidy job and didn’t leave a mess. I have had bad experiences with previous cleaners leaving a big mess in my yard and leaving it for me to clean up. I will certainly use Diamond Clean again and would highly recommend them.”


“I was so impressed by Mike’s professionalism and courtesy. He is very meticulous with his work. Not only did he do a great job on my windows, he went above and beyond and repaired my soffet.”


“…their friendly service and thorough workmanship went beyond my expectations…”


“We are a four-unit strata in Southeast Vancouver that hired Diamond Clean this spring to hand clean all units’ siding. They called when traffic (from Surrey) was backed up and arrived within 15 minutes of when they said they would. All owners were really happy with the job they did. Finding anyone who hand cleans siding is a huge research project… that fact they even do it says a lot about their expertise (Shell Busey insists that hand washing — as opposed to pressure washing – is the only right way). Most companies I contacted or reviewed did not hand wash siding and tried to convince me that power washing was okay. These guys get siding. I’ve don’t have much else to add… they were professional, friendly, efficient, responsive, and cost effective. Overall a great experience and we’ll be using them again in future, which I think says it all.”


We take pride in our attention to detail and dedication to providing top-notch customer service. Don’t believe us? Check out what some of our happy customers have to say.