Cleaning the windows might not be the most physically demanding home care task, but it is one of the hardest to get right. If streaks and stains are keeping you awake at night and causing you to contemplate getting shutters, we’ve got some hacks to help you keep yours neat and tidy.

Use a squeegee

 Instead of using a sponge, try a squeegee instead. The squeegee is the implement of choice for most window cleaning pros, and will give you a broader, more encompassing stroke. Dry a roughly one-inch spot in the top left corner and work from there. If you start cleaning from a dry spot, you will leave fewer streaks.

Spray antiseptic on the blinds

 Blinds get covered with dust awfully quickly, and this can easily rub off on the windows. Coat the blinds with some antiseptic spray to keep them dust-free longer. Be sure to thoroughly clean them first, though.

Wash your window frames with bleach

 Don’t neglect the window frames inside or outside your home! Take some bleach and laundry detergent and mix them in a 2:1 proportion. Add a dash of water and apply to your frames. This will help keep mildew away for good.

Change your HVAC filter

 If your HVAC system is full of dust, it will begin to show up around your home. To make things worse, this will negatively affect your health as well. Changing your filter every 90 days is recommended for maximum HVAC efficiency and healthy air; however, if you have pets, this will increase the frequency. If you’ve got a dog or cat, change the filter every two months. All of the dust, dander, and hair will begin to show up on the windows if you don’t.

Looking to keep your windows clean but the old way isn’t cutting it? Use these window cleaning hacks to keep your home’s windows squeaky clean. If you want to make your life really easy and get the highest quality window cleaning in the Vancouver Area, including Langley, Surrey, and Burnaby, get in touch with the team at Diamond Clean.