As the snow melts, homeowners everywhere are discovering tasks around their property to add to their spring cleaning to-do list. One of these tasks is cleaning the roof because lichen and moss will begin to grow from the moisture of the snow. They will thrive if they receive enough indirect sunlight from trees that offer shade to the roof. This is the perfect time to call the Diamond Clean professionals for their moss removal and roof cleaning services.

What Moss Can Do to Your Roof

Moss is a green plant without any flowers or roots that reproduces by way of spores that are released by stalked capsules. Lichen is similar to moss and also grows on the roof. Both of these plants have the same absorption capacity as a sponge and will cause havoc by:

  • absorbing water and moisture that will travel beneath the roof tiles and rot whatever wood it finds. This will weaken your roof’s structure and result in a costly repair bill.
  • breaking off and landing in your gutters where it blocks the drain flow. This will cause problems to your drainage system and lead to more costly repairs.
  • attracting birds and bugs that can find their way into your home. Birds can also break off pieces of moss that will fall into your drain and block it.

There are a few ways to prevent moss and lichen growth, such as trimming any branches near your roof to allow for sunlight and air circulation. Other ways can be expensive, like having algae resistant shingles installed.

By removing the moss and lichen yourself, you’ll only be removing it from the surface, and if you use a power washer or brush, you will damage your roof tiles. More importantly, you can hurt yourself by being on your roof or on a ladder. For a safely administered deep clean, it’s best to let the professionals handle it.

Our Top Moss Removal Method

When you get your roof cleaned, you want it to last a long time. That’s why Diamond Clean guarantees a moss removal and roof cleaning that lasts for 24 months! The process takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your roof. We spray the shingles with our special solution and let them soak to help your roof last longer.

Our products are gentle enough for your expensive roofing materials, but strong enough to eliminate moss and lichen, as well as harmful algae, bacteria, and mould on a molecular level. The process needs to be repeated annually for the best results.

Diamond Clean handles all types of property maintenance services in the Greater Vancouver Area to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. By using the latest technologies in safety, our professionals efficiently clean your roof with ease. For more information, see our services page, or call us at 778-574-1949 for a free quote today!