How to Spot Blocked Gutters Around the Home

//How to Spot Blocked Gutters Around the Home

How to Spot Blocked Gutters Around the Home

Vancouver and surrounding towns like Surrey are known for their wet climate. When your gutters can’t divert the deluge of water raining down on your home away to safer locations, problems will begin to show themselves in a few key locations: above, below, and within your home. Here are a few of the key signs:

If you do spot them, call professionals immediately.

Common Signs on Your Gutters

The gutters themselves and the general vicinity are the first place you should look. A few of the common signs that are easy to spot are:

  • Water overflow from one area of the gutter
  • Animals scurrying about the gutters or even nesting inside
  • Misshapen pipes or bulges in the gutter
  • Insects
  • Rotting fascia on the roof

Have yourself a look about the home and see if you can spot these. Other common signs include vegetation growth and birds landing nearby (they might be spotting something that you can’t see).

Common Signs on the Ground 

The area below the gutters will give you some clues, too. Look for these signs:

  • Foundational cracks
  • Brick damage or rotting wood
  • Discolouration or mould growth 

If water isn’t properly draining, it will either seep into the ground below or cause excess moisture on the outside of your home. This will cause expensive emergency repairs. Be vigilant!

Inside the Home

 Be sure to check for clues inside your home, too. Blocked gutters will cause excess water to back up on the roof and eventually find its way inside. Check for stains on the ceiling, roof leaks, and mould growth within the home. It might not be a problem with your roof at all. It could just be a sign that your gutters are blocked.

Blocked gutters are a major issue in Vancouver’s rainy climate. If they can’t drain water, you will experience expensive damage. Taking good care of them now is much better than making major repairs down the road. Talk to gutter cleaning pros and save your home from the damage now.

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