Out of all our large appliances, dryers seem like they present the least amount of problems. After all, there aren’t as many moving parts as washing machines or dishwashers. And yet, it’s the simplicity of dryers that may give us a false sense of security. In fact, dryers present very real fire hazards that could lead to thousands of dollars in damage and a danger to family members. Here are some crucial ways to prevent dryer fires.

Check the Pockets

Ideally, you should be checking your pants pockets before the washing cycle, but if you forget, make sure to remember this time, especially if you’re a smoker. Lighters that get trapped in pockets will fall out during the drying cycle, and when tumbling together with lint, you can imagine how much of a hazard it can be.

Clean Lint Filter Every Time

This is the easiest way to prevent lint build-up and the most-often ignored. Lint should be removed from the filter before or after every single load. Waiting for the filter to collect a fair amount of lint is not a bright idea. The purpose of a lint filter is to keep it out of the vent. When you allow lint to build up over time, your machine works less efficiently and your clothes take longer to dry. Keep your machine in tip-top shape by taking care of this simple task.

Replace Your Accordion Duct

Some dryer ducts can lead to lint build-up. Accordion-style vents can stretch over time, which leads to drooping. Lint gets trapped in these parts, which is a cause for a potential fire. Lint also gets trapped in the ribbed parts of the accordion duct, making it very difficult to clean out. We recommend replacing your accordion ducts with the shortest length possible to reduce the possibility of buildup.

Keep an Eye on Stains

Some stains, like grease, lighter fluid, gasoline, and cooking oil, are flammable. Be sure to soak flammable stains first, and wash them twice if necessary. We recommend hanging these clothes to dry just in case. If you must dry your clothes in the dryer, use the lowest temperature setting and don’t leave the house or go to sleep while the machine is running.

Get Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

Your safety should be your number one priority. That’s why you remember to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every spring and fall, and why you get your chimney inspected. Getting your dryer vents professionally cleaned every year is the only way to ensure that dryer lint is completely removed all the way through. Simply taking out lint from each end doesn’t rid your ducts of all the lint buildup in those hard to reach places. And unfortunately, your vacuum cleaner is simply not powerful enough to clean the vent. The only solution is to call professional dryer vent cleaners.

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