Spring is the season of pressure washing, with many using the machine to brighten driveways, clean slippery decks, and remove moss. Pressure washing machines are expensive, so it’s worth properly investigating all models and understanding the important factors to consider.

Before purchasing a pressure washer, ask yourself: how often will I use it? Although purchasing the equipment is a savvy investment in the long haul, if you don’t use a pressure washer often, renting or opting for professional services may be a better option.

How They Work

Pressure washers work by using an electric or gas engine to power a pump that exerts water at a high pressure. They have gained popularity because they significantly reduce the amount of scrubbing time and help maintain surfaces. When deciding what type of pressure washer you should get, you will first need to determine the ways in which you will use the pressure washer.

To start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often will I use a pressure washer?
  • What will I use the pressure washer for?
  • Do I have plenty of exterior plugs?
  • Are the areas I will be pressure washing far away from my home?
  • Am I able to lift heavy equipment?

By analyzing your responses, you will have a better idea if a gas or electric pressure washer is better suited for your needs. A gas motor pressure washer is known to use extremely high pressure and through this is able to quickly clean large areas. This is the more heavy-duty of the two options and because of the high pressure is also more noisy and heavy. Electric motors are best for lighter cleaning and smaller areas. They are much quieter and lighter, making them ideal for residential use. That being said, they have lower water pressure and cannot remove surface stains as effectively and require you to be within the cord range.

Common Metrics

Even though you’ve decided what type of pressure washer you are looking for, there are still many models to choose from. There are two main metrics used when describing a pressure washer’s features:

  1. Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI): This indicates the amount of pressure a machine uses and demonstrates cleaning force.
  2. Gallons Per Minute (GPM): This measures the volume of water used and is indicative of how fast a machine is able to clean an area.

For the best cleaning results, you will want the highest PSI and GPM within your price range. It’s important to note that with more pressure, the risk of damage is also increased. Be cautious of this when using your pressure washer to avoid splintering wood and stripping paint.

There are circumstances when relying on the professionals is best. At Diamond Clean, we use professional strength tools to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property in a safe and effective way. To learn more about our pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning services, call 778-574-1949 today!