Summer is in the rearview mirror and autumn is right around the corner. There’s no use wasting time complaining about the end of good weather and the beginning of cooler temperatures; it’s time to get to work on the house!

The changing temperatures, falling debris, and precipitation make autumn one of the toughest seasons on your house, so slip on a pair of gloves and get ready to prep your home for the months ahead. Don’t sweat it too much— we’ve got four autumn home care tips for you that are easy!

Autumn Home Maintenance To-Do List:

Your to-do list consists of your home’s most important systems. You’ll want to make sure your heating, water drainage, and monthly utility bills are all taken into account. Most of these are simple enough to be done with no training or experience.

  • Clean Your Gutters: As the premier gutter cleaning service in the Vancouver Area, we couldn’t help but put this first. All of the debris coming out of the trees (they don’t call it fall for no reason) is going to clog up the works and make your life difficult. If water can’t drain off of your roof, you’re going to get water damage inside. Get up on that ladder and thoroughly clean the entire trough (if you want a thorough cleaning, get professionals with equipment to wash your gutters out).
  • Check for Drafts: Did you know that you could lose up to 30% of your home’s energy through your windows and doors alone? Since temps will be cooling down, now’s a good time to check for drafts in the home. If you notice a cold stream of air in an area even when the heating is on, you’ve found a trouble spot. Get it patched up and you’ll save money each month. Also, check your foundation for cracks. They can cause drafts, too!
  • Check Your HVAC System: Your HVAC is going to be tasked with keeping you warm, so you better show it some TLC. A few things to do are to change the air filters, check the thermostat, and clean any outdoor units of debris. If the thermostat isn’t’ working, change the batteries!
  • Inspect Your Roof: Before colder weather sets in, now is a good time to check the roof for any signs of damage. Be on the lookout for divots, loose shingles, mold, or and any discolourations that look like trouble. Since you’ll be up on the ladder cleaning out your gutters, it’ll be easy to get this one out of the way.

Autumn is right around the corner, and it’s in your best interest to start preparing now. With these four home care tips, you’ll get your place in tip top shape and cut back on your utility and repair bills.

If you don’t feel like doing the heavy lifting yourself, it’s best to hire pros. And, if you’re going to hire pros, you might as well go with one of the best in the Vancouver area! Contact Diamond Clean for a thorough, professional gutter clean.