Autumn is here, and that means it’s more important than any other season for you to perform preventative maintenance on your home. In our last entry, we gave you four great tips for autumn home maintenance, and that really got us thinking. Windows are far too important to leave out, so we decided to highlight four of the best benefits of our professional window cleaning services. Not only will they make your home look great, they can save you money in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

1. Pros clean better

Don’t take this the wrong way (we’re sure you can really scrub a window), but our pros are second to none. Not only do our window cleaners know exactly how to polish to give your windows a streakless shine, our cleaning solution has no unnatural ingredients or secret toxins of any kind, like so many cleaning products used today.

2. Your windows will last longer

Dirt buildup on your windows can actually damage the glass by causing scratches and etchings that are unsightly and blur your vision. That problem is made worse in the autumn when sticks, twigs, nuts, leaves, and other debris comes tumbling out of the trees. Now is the time to get them cleaned and keep them clean to preserve the integrity of your home.

3. Pros can detect bigger issues

Did you know that 30% of your home’s heat is lost through its portals? It’s true. Windows and doors leak heat like few other areas of the home, and a major issue is the caulking around the windows. Our pros know how to inspect windows for major issues, and if we see there are any problems with your caulking, we can give you a heads up. Patching it up can protect you against heat leakage, moisture damage, and chilly drafts on cold nights.

4. Preserve your home’s ambiance

Windows aren’t just for gazing longingly out of; in fact, windows are one of the most important aspect of your home’s ambiance. The views in Vancouver are as breathtaking as they are anywhere in the world, so why obscure your view? Not only that, but squeaky clean windows will make passersby turn their heads.

Now that autumn is here, you’ve got to take a few preventative measures to ensure your home makes it through this season and the winter. Window cleaning is just one of the very important services we offer. Your home will function better and your heating bill will look great!

Of course, not nearly as great as a home that’s been professionally maintained by Diamond Clean. But, hey—few things are!