It’s time for spring cleaning to begin and there are many projects around your home that need to get done. Some of them can be DIY tasks, but for others, it’s best to call in the expects.

We, at Diamond Clean, have created a list of common areas to look into:

The Roof

Vancouver gets a lot of rain, which causes algae, bacteria, and moss to spread across your roof and eat away at your shingles.  This will cause leaks in your roof before you know it; however, this can be fixed with professional roof cleaning that will protect you from injury and have your roof looking brand new again.

The Gutters

The roof and gutters go hand-in-hand. If you see animals, nesting, or any other abnormalities in the gutters, it’s time to clean them out. The ground will also display signs that it’s time, including foundation cracks and discoloration. Again, it’s best to call an expert to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

The Windows

The rain, slush, and snow from the winter leaves windows spotted. Simply using a squeegee on your windows with soap and water is not the best solution. The professionals at Diamond Clean use a de-ionization pure water filtration system to remove the minerals from the glass.

This is another dangerous job around your home if you have more than one level, but we are equipped with the latest technologies in ladder safety to handle the situation.

The Driveway

Now that the snow has melted, your driveway is full of sand and salt streaks. Power washing is a DIY task, but it can make your home look worse if not done correctly. This is why you should call an expert who can do precision washing and draining for a quality job.

The Siding

Some homeowners are unaware of this, but pressure washing vinyl siding can cause problems.  High pressure will remove the finish on the sidings, which is what protects it from the elements in the first place. Consequently, the sidings will begin to rot and cause mould because moisture was able to enter the vapor barrier. Our professionals use a soft wash and a treatment to make sure your sidings last longer.

The Dryer Vent

Although it isn’t thought of during the spring-cleaning process, now is a good time to check the condition of your dryer vent. It’s important to have your dryer vent inspected once a year.  If you see dryer lint in the duct outside your home or if your machine is acting out of the ordinary, it’s time to have a professional take a look at it.  Maintaining your dryer vent improves your air quality, prevents fires, and saves you money.

For more about our services, contact the professionals at Diamond Clean today for your spring cleaning needs. Located in Vancouver, we provide a highly satisfied experience with free estimates.