Diamond Clean Provides Gutter Guards and Installation in Surrey & Vancouver, BC

If you live in Vancouver, then you’re probably in the market for a gutterleaf catcher. The Greater Vancouver Area gets more than 1,100 mm of rain each year, double the national average! In a climate like ours, you need tough, sturdy gutters and downpipe guards to bolster your home’s defenses against heavy rainfall. If you don’t invest in gutter guards in Burnaby, Langley, Surrey, or the rest the metropolitan area, then you put your home at risk of:

  • Basement flooding
  • Damaged Siding
  • Patio damage
  • Home rot
  • Pests attracted by clogged gutters
  • And more

Having professionals come to your home and install high-quality gutters will help you avoid expensive repairs and help you sleep easy even when heavy rain starts falling on your roof.

Diamond Clean is one of the premier window and gutter companies in the local area, and throughout our years of service, we have stood above the other companies by having deep business ties to manufacturers who provide quality materials.

We take pride in doing the job right the first time. We know it can be hard to crack a smile when the weather is gloomy and the sun is hidden, but our friendly technicians find nothing more fun and exciting than saving you a trip up that ladder.

Why you need high-quality gutters in Surrey, B.C

Rain is just a part of daily life here. We get twice as much as most normal places in Canada. You might think that all of those drizzles and downpours just rain out your day at the park or make it impossible to stay dry on your way to work, but constant rainfall poses real dangers to your home. If you don’t have the right gutters, gutter guards, or downpipe leaf catchers to nab debris before it causes a problem, then you are putting your home at risk.

Diamond Clean provides state-of-the-art gutter systems that help you protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Doing gutters the right way is a lot more complex than just stringing them up and nailing them in!

After a visit from our trained pros, you’ll have a system that helps drain water, ward off pests, and protect against damage, all at a competitive price.

Getting poor quality gutters or installing them the wrong way is a recipe for disaster. Not only could your gutters break easily, causing damage to your roof and home, you’ll put your basement, walls, interior, and roof at risk of rot, mould, flooding, leaks, and worse. The money spent on home repairs will make you wish you had called Diamond Clean earlier!

As one of the leading window and gutters companies in Vancouver, B.C, Diamond Clean provides industrial-strength gutters, gutter guards, and downpipes for homes throughout the area. Our years of dedication to the local community have given us a pristine reputation. If you need anything from brand new gutters to downpipe leaf catchers, contact us today!

The Best Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens to Help Protect Your Home

  • tick2Protect your home from water infiltration
  • tick2Prevent clogs and buildup in your gutters
  • tick2Guaranteed no more gutter clogs!
  • tick2Save money on costly repairs

Your gutters are designed to drain water from your roof to the intended drainage area, drain tile or the ground. However, gutters will inevitably fill up with debris from adjacent trees surrounding your property, roof moss, and plain old roof erosion. Installing gutter downspout guards will prevent clogs and stop water from improperly draining which can lead to water infiltrating your roof, walls and foundations.

Thinking of Replacing Your Gutters? Wait! Try Gutter Screens!

When your gutter improperly drains, homeowners might believe that they need to completely replace their gutters. Chances are that your eaves troughs themselves are fine, and they do not need to be replaced. They can simply use an upgrade with metal or aluminium gutter guards.

Let Diamond Clean Help Protect and Improve Your Home

Let us install downpipe guard performance upgrades on your gutters. Perforated grates that allow water in but stop debris from getting into your gutters and downspouts. This debris can lead to serious blockages and can cost big money to fix. The grates coupled with high flow, funnel outlets and leaf catcher boxes will allow larger amounts of water to drain and will guarantee zero gutter clogs.

Types of Rain Gutter Guards:

Leaf Catcher Box – Required when downpipe terminates into drain tile. Protects your underground drainage from debris.

Perforated Gutter Grates – Offer the perfect balance between maximum drainage and protection from debris.

High Flow Funnel Outlets – Allows more water to drain through a larger opening in the eavestrough. These outlets are effective at minimizing maintenance when gutters are overwhelmed by evergreen debris.

Why Upgrade the Performance of Your Gutter System?

  • arrw ulPeace of mind
  • arrw ulMinimal maintenance required afterward
  • arrw ulOptimal rain gutter protection
  • arrw ul15-year no clog guarantee from debris inside your gutters with full upgrade installation
100 percent satisfaction