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Professional Pressure Washing Services

  • tick2We’ll edge your driveway, walkway, patio, sidewalk and anything else.
  • tick2Let Diamond Clean improve the look of your home.
  • tick2Improve your home’s drainage included in our service.
  • tick2We do power washing in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and the rest of the GVA.

pressure washing results in surreyWhen power washing, we take advantage of our high powered machines and use surgical precision to do lawn edging, this is sometimes performed with manual hand tools. We prefer power tools. We will edge your driveway, walkway, patio, sidewalk or what have you to increase the visual appeal of your property and aid in drainage. Included in our pressure washing service in Surrey.

Diamond Clean Leaves Your Property Pristine

We will take the necessary extra steps to ensure a proper wash down of everything to ensure that we don’t leave dirt, grit, or residue on anything. We will always leave your home in showroom condition. The envy of all of your neighbours in Vancouver with our power washing services.

Drain clean-out. Part of your drain system is your driveway clean out traps. We will be happy to scoop and vacuum out your traps to aid in proper drainage, and prevent costly damage from flooding.

Before and After Photos to Show You the Difference

In Surrey, our pressure washing technicians will be happy to take before and after pictures of your hard to see places. So we can show you exactly what we saw from up above. Just ask and we will include some pictures along with our on the spot e-invoicing and mobile credit card acceptance.

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