Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Trust Diamond Clean to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean All Year Long

  • tick2Keep your dryer, home and family safe by preventing potential fires.
  • tick2A clean dryer vent is more efficient, saving you money on your energy bill.
  • tick2Cleaning your dryer improves your air quality.
  • tick2Give your dryer the best possible service by trusting in Diamond Clean.
dryer vent cleaner in surrey prevents dryer to fire
Diamond Clean’s dryer cleaning service helps prevent dryer fires and keeps your family safe.

Diamond Clean is the premiere dryer vent cleaner in Surrey. With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, you can trust our professionals will provide only quality work that’s on-time and on-budget – and that’s our guarantee.

We’re focused on our customers. We earn your business by checking our work, respecting your home, and maintaining a professional attitude at all times.

Get in contact with us to schedule your dryer duct cleaning service today.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

dryer duct link 1 225x300.jpgTypically, every home should have their dryer vents cleaned once a year. However, depending on your unique circumstances your dryer might require cleaning more often.

When to Call Laundry Vent Cleaning Services

  1. Just Doesn’t Work Like it Used To

Is your dryer not working quite like it used to? Does it take longer to dry your clothes than it did before? When a dryer is working correctly, it’s designed to push the moist air out of the vent. If that vent is clogged, then it can’t work as efficiently, and you’ll notice that your dryer will take longer to dry clothes. This doesn’t just mean your clothes take longer to dry, it also means that your dryer will endure more wear and tear.

  1. Burning Smell

If you can smell something burning when your dryer is running, you need to immediately stop it and have it inspected. Continuing to run your dryer increases the risk of having a fire.

  1. Your Dryer/Clothing Are Very Hot

Is your dryer hot to the touch? Are your clothes nearly just as hot? When this happens, it means that your dryer is potentially unable to exhaust that hot air properly. This will wear out your dryer’s heating element and the blower.

  1. Lint in the Vent Opening

When you look at the vent outside, does your dryer have a buildup of lint protruding from it? This is a tell-tale sign that your dryer is clogged, unable to function efficiently and needs to be looked at. Even if you remove the link that you see, there will be lint inside the vent that cannot be removed without the proper tools.

  1.  It’s Been a Year

If it’s been a year since you’ve cleaned your dryer venting system last, it’s time to get it looked at by Diamond Clean—the premiere dryer vent cleaner in Surrey

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