The strata boom in Metro Vancouver has created countless square metres of residential living space, each one with unique and highly specific cleaning needs to ensure maximum livability. With the varying concerns of your diverse range of tenants, challenging building facades and interiors, and the need to not disrupt residential life, regular cleaners typically aren’t equipped to handle strata. The constant complaints we hear from our clients about other cleaning services they’ve used in the past is evidence that you need a reputable, experienced team that specializes in strata.

Here are three reasons you should always hire the pros:

Commercial Tools to Get the Job Done Right

Whether it’s a strata, shopping mall, or commercial building, the bigger the job the harder it gets. Your strata is full of hard-to-reach places, delicate surfaces, and areas that have to shine their brightest in order to keep your standard of living.

The biggest advantage to using a professional strata cleaning service in Vancouver is dependability and reliability that comes with hiring a reputable company. Our highly qualified technicians focus on the little details it takes to thoroughly clean large complexes up to three-stories tall. That means delicate vacuuming to preserve your gutters, proprietary substances to clean your windows, and trained techs to keep your HVAC system clean and safe.

Ensure Your Building is Clean and Healthy

As strata management, you have a duty to maintain a green and healthy environment for your tenants. If you aren’t providing regular maintenance at a high level, you risks code violations, sickness, and legal liability. So whether it’s keeping the gutters clean to prevent insect infestation or immaculate HVAC and dryer vent cleaning to maintain air quality, a professional crew has you and your long-term residence covered.

Flexibility and Convenience

The flexibility of professional cleaners cannot be overlooked; for example, with Diamond Clean, you avoid the issue of having to hire separate cleaners for the range of facilities and needs you have within your property. Not only can we clean your gutters, roof, and windows, we can maintain your green spaces, blast your sidewalks clean, and keep your siding looking fresh at all times. We understand how valuable it is to not interrupt your tenant’s lives, so we maintain flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.

If you are a strata in the Greater Vancouver Area, professional cleaners with experience in your type of building are a necessity. Prompt and accurate estimates, thorough cleanings, and convenience are what puts Diamond Clean above the competition. If you’d like to know more about our strata cleaning services, come visit on the web today.