Professional Exterior House Washing in Surrey, Vancouver, BC

Soft Wash Services for Home & Building Siding

Are moss and algae darkening your exterior and becoming an eyesore? Don’t let them ruin your home! Our advanced soft washing smart system safely cuts through the grime and protects your home from structural damage without the potentially harmful side effects of power washing. Our soft wash method is powerful enough to clean away grime and prevent it from coming back, but delicate enough to not damage your structure or siding. Contact us today to learn how Diamond Clean’s exterior house washing method extends the life of your home.

How Our House Washing Method Protects Your Home

Pressure washing vinyl siding is not recommended, because moisture will penetrate the vapor barrier, which will lead to rotting and mold. Power washing vinyl siding will, in most cases, void the warranty of your home. Vinyl siding also has a wax finish to protect it from fading and the elements, high pressure can strip the finish leaving it exposed to the elements, where as our soft wash smart wash system is safe.

before after siding soft wash

Our soft wash smart wash system results speak for themselves. We use our propriety detergent formula to remove algae, bacteria and dirt from your sliding. We can also apply a treatment to reduce the speed at which the algae will re-grow, usually on the northern side of the building. Expect amazing results from our exterior house pressure washing service, your home will sparkle after our amazing service.
before after side wash