Diamond Clean’s Most Popular House Cleaning Services in Langley

As one of the leading providers of exterior house cleaning services in Langley, the Fraser Valley, and all of the Greater Vancouver Area, Diamond Clean takes pride in helping locals keep their homes in tiptop shape. As a mostly rural town, the people of Langley take advantage of our services to keep their roofs, gutters, and siding in like-new condition so they can continue to match the beauty of the surrounding area. Here are a few of our most popular services:

Window Cleaning

Our residential and commercial window cleaning services give homes and businesses that streak-free gleam they need to stay looking sharp. Our de-ionization water filtration system rids our cleaning solution of harmful minerals, which results in no streaks left behind and cleaner windows. This difficult and dangerous job is best left to the professionals.

Gutter Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning the gutters of Langley and Vancouver is our specialty. Our technicians love climbing up the ladder so you don’t have to and using our hi-tech vacuums to suck up the sticks, dirt, and other debris out of your gutters. Gutter cleaning is actually one of the highest value home maintenance services. It’s one of the most affordable but also one of the most vital, as it helps stave off costly roof repairs and interior water damage issues.

Exterior Washing

Did you know that pressure washing your home’s siding is actually not a good idea? The power of the water stream can cause the vinyl siding to fade and water could seep into the wood and cause mold and rot. In fact, many homeowners that use pressure washing services for their vinyl siding often find their home’s warranties voided and their walls in need of repair. Diamond Clean’s soft wash system is delicate enough to do no harm but powerful enough to blast away dirt and grime. Not only do we make your home look great, we save you money on costly repairs, too!

Our most popular house cleaning services in Langley help make the homes of this town look great. They also help local homeowners avoid costly repairs and home damage. Need professional exterior cleaning services in the local area? Diamond Clean is here to help!