Famous People from Langley

Langley isn’t one of the biggest cities in British Columbia, but it’s home to some of the biggest names to come out of our province in sports, music, and television. Did you know some of these famous people from Langley grew up right in your backyard?

Brett Lawrie

Born in Langley in 1990, Lawrie has grown from a hometown hero playing for the Langley Blaze all the way to one of the highest-drafted Canadian MLB players at #16. He took the league by storm, getting a hit in his first major league at-bat and knocking in a run, too! Since then, he has gone on to play for three different teams, hit walk-off home runs, and make British Columbia proud. He’s even represented our country on the international stage.

Amanda Crew

Amanda got her first acting job while she was just in elementary school, and since that first “big break”, she’s gone on to star in film and television hits. She’s best known as playing Monica Hall, the personable and approachable secretary on HBO’s, award-winning series, Silicon Valley. Aside from her world-famous role on the HBO hit, she’s also starred in CTV dramas, made cameos in hit television series, and has even played a starring role in a hysterical teen comedy.

Tom Thacker

Tom is a bit of a local music hero in Langley. He’s the lead singer and guitar player of the Canadian punk band, Gob, but is best known as a member of the chart-topping Canadian band, Sum 41. After starting as a touring guitar player and occasional keyboardist, he was announced as a full-time member back in 2009. His musical prowess spans multiple instruments, and he’s been a legend of the Canadian punk scene since he first started strumming. He’s even appeared as a drummer on multiple studio albums for Canadian bands.

Despite the relatively small population, this city has produced some big names both locally and internationally. These are just a few of the famous people from Langley. Another famous local name is Diamond Clean, though we are renowned for our house cleaning services, not professional entertainment!