Are you a homeowner who would like to get rid of stubborn and unsightly stains on your roof, siding, or patio, but doesn’t want to damage your home with a powerful stream of water? A softwash from Diamond Clean is the answer.

But what is it? And how is it different than a traditional power wash?

Anyone whose home has been damaged by a power wash gone wrong can attest: Your home is too fragile to blast it with turbo-charged streams of water. Broken window seals, worn out paint, and water damage on your home’s interior are just a few of the issues that could arise if your exterior home washing company doesn’t know what it’s doing.

That’s where soft washing come in. Here’s a bit more about this home cleaning service and how it benefits you (and also when a power wash is still a viable option).

What is a softwash?

The name already gives plenty away—unlike a power wash that sprays a powerful stream of water, a softwash uses a pressure washing gun or wand but equips it with a low-pressure nozzle to ease the flow of water.

To make up for the lack of pressure, our soft wash technique utilizes a proprietary biodegradable chemical that attacks moss, dirt, and algae at their core, providing even more powerful cleaning powers without the dangers of a high-powered stream.

It poses no threat to your plants, windows, roof shingles, or paint, and is the ideal method for cleaning your

  • Roof
  • Patio
  • Siding
  • Deck
  • Fencing

When is power washing the best option?

Despite the dangers it poses to your home, power washing is still a viable option in certain circumstances. If you have a concrete walkway or other concrete surfaces, then a high-pressure stream of water is best for getting between the cracks and clearing away the dirt. Also, if you have a professional team of cleaners that know how to control the flow of water with an industrial-strength washing wand, your home should be safe from damage.

Why use a professional exterior cleaner?

When cleaning your home’s exterior, a professional is necessary to ensure that your home is properly cleaned but no damage has been done. For example, a trained cleaner will know how to remove stubborn stains, which surfaces are capable of handling higher pressure, which materials benefit from softwash or power wash, and the right mixture of cleaning solution and water to remove different types of stains. When dealing with expensive parts of your home such as the roof, you can’t afford any mistakes.

If you want your home to look great without any of the damage that comes from a power wash, then let us know today. Make no mistake, the only thing more powerful than a high-powered pressure wash is Diamond Clean’s home cleaning abilities!