Studies show that people make snap judgments based on appearances. In fact, it takes just three seconds for a person to look at you and come to a conclusion. Ever wonder why curb appeal—how eye-catching your home looks from the road—increases sales prices so drastically?

It’s because home buyers look at houses the same way.

Your home’s presentation is the ticket to a stunning first impression and, for the right buyer, a much higher price tag. In case you’re wondering why so many homes throughout Surrey and the rest of Vancouver look great while driving by, it’s because so many British Columbians know the value of cleaning up their home’s exterior. Diamond Clean offers all of the exterior cleaning services in the Greater Vancouver Area that you need to give your home an edge over others in the neighbourhood.

Exterior Soft Washing

Our soft wash smart system packs the deep-cleaning punch you need to rid your home’s vinyl and aluminum siding of dirt and grime. If you want to make a good first impression, you’ve got to get rid of all of the unsightly dirt, bacteria, and algae without damaging the siding.

While the majority of contractors will use power-washing equipment to quickly clean your siding, Diamond Clean understands that your home needs to be in like-new condition to sell, and the damage caused by powerful streams of water is damage you can’t afford. We will carefully spread our proprietary detergent over every square inch of your home’s exterior and gently wash it away, leaving a sparkling clean surface that potential buyers will notice.

Roof Cleaning

It is said that the roof is the crown of your home. Depending on its size, it can account for up to 40% of your potential buyer’s view from the road. Diamond Clean’s moss treatment can bring new life to your roof at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Not only will it make your home look great, it will protect you from the health and safety issues that come with a damaged or moss-infested roof. Our moss removal services come with a 24-month guarantee, but we doubt your home will be on the market that long!

Window Cleaning

Expert real estate agents recommend paying special attention to your doors and windows. The accent and flavour they add can’t be replicated elsewhere. You don’t need to add an extra coat of paint or even replace them; a thorough cleaning will make them glean and give your home an open, cleanly feeling. Diamond Clean’s deionized water filtration system allows us to thoroughly clean your windows without leaving any streaks, giving them a lasting gleam that’s perfect for an open house.

Extra curb appeal can add thousands to the sale price of your home, but full renovations are expensive and time consuming. A full exterior cleaning makeover from Diamond Clean will make your house look great from the road and increase offers. Ready to sell your home for more? Contact us today!