Summer is the perfect time to tend to your home’s exterior. Homeowners across Vancouver are planting new trees, tending their gardens, and cleaning their siding in preparation for the months ahead.

One important part of the home that often gets overlooked is the roof. Not only is it important for your home’s overall health and value, it is the crown on your house that people’s eyes are naturally drawn to.

Over the winter and spring, your roof has accumulated algae, moss, mould, and fungus, not to mention the strain put on it by heavy rains and the winter cold. Now that it’s warm out, it’s time to get it back to a healthy state so your home looks better and is safer from leaks and other damage.

Check off each of these items on the list, and you’ll be safe from danger and have a roof that looks great!

– Inspect your home for leaks. Before you actually get up on the roof, take a good look from the ground. Leaks put your home at risk of interior damage and mould growth, and could lead to needing to replace the entire roof. Inspect the attic if you have one because this is where leaks will be most apparent. It’s possible to check the gaskets around pipes, shingles, and flashing as well for signs of leaks. If you locate one, patch it up immediately.

– Inspect your fascia for deterioration. The flat material (normally wood or metal) covering the end of the rafters are called fascia. Inspect them for signs of rust or deterioration. If they’re wooden, they could have easily rotted over the winter. If they are loose, it’s best to have them replaced.

– Clean your gutters and downspouts. A healthy roof starts with clean gutters. Thoroughly clean the gutters by removing all debris. Make sure the drains are all working properly. Once they are clear of debris, use a hose to lightly clean out the downspouts. Also, check to make sure that the gutters are hanging properly and are tightly secured to the roof.

– Clear debris from the roof. Give your roof a walkthrough and clear any debris, such as nuts, twigs, and other loose ends. Be sure to minimize foot traffic up there, though. While you’re at it, check for signs of loose shingles, errant nails, and any other signs that something might not be right. Depressions in the roof are a major red flag!

– Trim around the roof. This often-overlooked step is more important than you might think. Too many branches or too much shade around the roof can cause it to not dry properly or expose it to excess debris. If you can, have the branches around the roof trimmed.

The roof is like the crown on your home’s head, so make sure it’s looking the part come summertime. When the weather is warm and the skies are clear, it’s the best time to climb up the ladder and get to work. This roof-cleaning checklist covers all of the necessities, but, as always, turning to professional exterior cleaners is always the best way to make sure it gets done right.