Aside from being the least appealing task on your weekend chore list, the gutters rarely cross a homeowner’s mind. The problem is that they’re a lot more important than you might think.

Not only are gutters a hefty investment, they play a big role in the health of your home. Without water drainage, you’d leave your house exposed to mould and water damage. Your roof would also be at risk.

Replacing a roof, repairing the walls, or getting mould remediation services are all a lot more expensive than taking good regular care of your home’s exterior.

Here are 5 easy ways to long-lasting gutters:

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

The simplest and most actionable tip we can give you is to just get your hands dirty. Climb up the ladder and clean the mess out of your gutters every weekend. Make sure to pay special attention to the downspout, because if it’s clogged, you’ll have water drainage issues that could add up quickly.

Use this time to look for leaks as well. If you catch them early, you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Pro Tip: Lend mother nature a helping hand by using the decomposed leaves as compost!

Trim your trees!

If you’ve got a forest on your front lawn, then there’s going to be a lot of extra debris clogging up the gutters and putting extra stress on your roof, not to mention blocking out the sun. Getting your trees trimmed could go a long way toward saving your gutters from harm (and the rest of your home, too).

Use a vacuum and scrub the exterior

Did you know that there was an easier way to clean out loose debris and make your gutters look immaculate from the outside? By busting out a hose attachment for a wet/dry vac and gobbling up all of the sticks, leaves, and nuts living inside, you can make cleanup a breeze. Take it one step further and delicately scrub the exterior by hand to make sure they look great. If you’re too vigorous, you could do some serious damage (that’s why we offer this service across Vancouver!).

Seal up leaks

If you’ve spotted any leaks, please listen carefully. They are not something to be ignored. Leaks can be a sign of bigger problems, and destroy your roof in a relatively short time. Use bead silicon and an old chisel if you’ve got one and patch them up.

Get monthly gutter cleaning services

We don’t want to go too promotional on you, but there’s no denying that the best way to make your gutters (and in turn, your roof and home) last longer without expensive issues, is to hire a quality gutter cleaning service. It’s best not to think of us as an expense but rather an investment in your home’s future. A monthly or even bi-monthly visit from us could add years of life onto your roof and protect the structural integrity of your house.

Nice gutters that are cared for well protect your home from water damage and mould, and protect your roof from damage as well. They don’t look half bad from the street either.

Use these 5 tips and you’ll be on your way to big savings. And remember, a high-quality gutter cleaning service is your best friend (we also do all of those weekend chores you hate doing!).