We’ve all come across those tasks and chores that aren’t necessarily at the top of our priority list.

Maybe you’ve got a leaky faucet that’s been waiting to be fixed, or perhaps the clutter in the corner of the room has been there a month too long. What you’ll find with most of these responsibilities is that they can effortlessly be put on the back burner without any harsh or immediate consequences.

You should know, cleaning your rooftop is not one of those back-burner tasks!

There are some tremendous benefits to maintaining a spotless, clean rooftop. We’ve outline the most important ones for you below:

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Right off the bat, we all know a clean home is a happy home—and that home includes your rooftop. What’s worse than scheduling an upscale dinner party only to have all of your highbrow guests immediately greeted by the green algae settling in on your shingles? Not only that, but cleaning up your roof will give your home that shiny “new house” feel that will remind you of the day you first settle in. Hold your home to a higher standard!

You’ll Save Money

What’s not to love about saving some serious cash? Every time you dismiss the moss growing on your shingles, you may as well be throwing a little bit of money away. While hiring a professional rooftop cleaning service does cost you a bit up front, you’ll be thanking yourself years down the line when you’re simply maintaining rather than replacing. Most agree that cleaning your rooftop at least once every year will extend the life of your shingles by 20-25 years. And while many professional services will set you back a few hundred dollars, a roof replacement can cost upwards of $5,000.

Even taking roof replacement out of the equation, allowing moss, algae and the like to grow on your roof will inhibit its ability to reflect the sunlight —which means your roof is now absorbing all of that oppressive heat. In turn, you will be spending significantly more to keep your house cool throughout the hot summer months.

You’ll Maintain Your Warranty

Cleaning your roof is crucial to maintaining your property for years to come. Many manufacturers suggest a regular cleaning to keep the roof in good standing. Letting maintenance fall by the wayside is a surefire way to find yourself in a costly situation that could have easily been avoided with a trip to a home improvement store or a call to a specialist. The same way you wouldn’t let your car get to 10,000 miles before having an oil change performed, you should take care of your unsightly roof organisms well before a replacement is even considered.

Thinking about cleaning your rooftop to add some value to your home and making it the envy of the neighbourhood? Talk to Diamond Clean today!